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This case involved the foundation failure on a major capital project with a value of almost $9,000,000. The problem was coupled with a claim for additional services from the Construction Manager for over $300,000, and the General Contractor for over $700,000. We found the foundation problem, fixed it, and settled the case with a net payment to the District of over $2.6 million. - Paul G. Carr

Superintendent of Building & Grounds
“[Dr. Carr] is an extremely knowledgeable individual with poise, commitment and a high level of professionalism… [and I] was most impressed with Dr. Carr’s ability to find specific evidence… to make a powerful case.”


“Dr. Carr held his ground when counseling with the strongest legal counsel or company representatives the defendants had to offer.”

“Dr. Carr was always firm, professional and in no way intimidated by any individual,
firm or organization."

Another School District was served with a contractor claim of over $600,000, and the Construction Manager had abandoned the project. The contractor’s claim was withdrawn, and we were able to help the District achieve a successful financial settlement. - Paul G. Carr

Superintendent of Schools
“[We] recommend Paul G. Carr, Forensic Engineer without hesitation or reservation.”


“Dr. Carr [is] as aggressive as is needed to get the job done for the District [and] was an exceptional teammate for the District’s Counsel.”

“[We] had an out of control project from a fiscal and job scope perspective. [Dr. Carr] brought the project back in line and… in 8 hours of mediation, successfully brought [financial recovery] to [the] District.”

This project was a complex effort at a remote BOCES site where the failures included a wastewater disposal system failure, drainage failures, concrete failures, masonry failures and roofing failures.  It was a very bad situation, yet with a very minor expenditure, and offsetting financial settlements negotiated from those responsible, we were able to correct the problems. - Paul G. Carr

BOCES Business Manager

“[H]ire him and follow what [he] recommends”


"[I] applaud… [Dr. Carr's] strategies, presentations and ability to hold firm with an evidence supported posture. The results for [our] BOCES far exceeded our expectations”


“Under extreme pressure [I have] never seen anyone be so exact and precise. [I] observed Dr. Carr negotiate with expertise at all levels – the small sub-contractor to counselors for large architectural firms.”


BOCES Superintendent

“If you need the very best, there is no one better.”


"Paul G. Carr did a tremendous job for [my] BOCES… an absolutely outstanding performance.”


“[Our] BOCES had three different construction contract issues including roof system, site work and foundation/floor cracking.”


“Dr. Carr understands the trades and easily translates our needs and his findings to lay people in the BOCES. Dr. Carr demonstrated great expertise in the entire comprehensive process.”


“[Regarding fees for services w]e are definitely getting more than we have paid for.”


“My board and I, while kept in the loop at every stage, have sat back and watched the ballet. We have also experienced a great partnership between Dr. Carr and our Counsel.”

This case was a very sensitive matter in a School District that had lost a number of children in a tragic building collapse 20 years ago.  I have worked for the district in various capacities since that time. When they, as with any client, have a concern for the safety of staff, students and the public, it becomes my highest priority. - Paul G. Carr

Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Business

“On Labor Day weekend of 2003 the District’s maintenance staff reported their observation of a ‘sink hole’ development adjacent to a section of foundation at [the site of the prior building collapse.] Understanding the extremely sensitive issues surrounding this finding and the tragic history… the Board of Education turned… for guidance, direction and recommendations.”


“The [Carr] team arrived and remained on site from the Labor Day weekend discovery until the circumstances were fully investigated through forensic and geo-technical evaluation [and] until corrective action was complete.”   


“[The] engagement, service and support was phenomenal, full and complete support throughout the entire sensitive event.”


"[Dr. Carr] was extraordinary in assistance with communication to the public, the community, [and] the District’s legal representation…”


“Our District cannot say enough about the expertise, efficiency, and extended support…”

“This firm made our District appear as extraordinary experts in all stages of this sensitive event."


“You will not regret establishing a working relationship with these people."

Not all cases result in an investigation with settlement in favor of my clients. It is not unusual to have a case come to us and after investigation We opine that there is no case, or if the circumstances are ambiguous, that a fair and equitable settlement should be immediately pursued. In this case an attorney client was appreciative of such candor. - Paul G. Carr

Legal Counsel
“I am just now getting to dropping you a note expressing my appreciation… for your help on my… school window case."


“[The] investigation and report answered a lot of questions that had nagged at me from the very start.  The information… provided was critical to our being able to bring the matter to a conclusion and allowed my client to make a well reasoned decision not to pursue her claim against potential third parties.  I was especially appreciative of the dispatch with which [you were] able to conduct the investigation and provide [the] report."

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