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 Dedication. Aptitude. Responsibility. Resolution.

Joseph Thesier has been in private practice since 1984. Mr. Thesier’s work began in Municipal Engineering where he was responsible for the design of water supply improvements, wastewater collection and treatment systems, site development and bridge rehabilitation projects.


Mr. Thesier also served as the Director of Architectural Engineering. He was responsible for the complete HVAC, plumbing, electrical, site and structural engineering services. As Director of Architectural Engineering Mr. Thesier was responsible for all aspects of building systems design including site amenities such as utility connections, parking facilities, and site lighting for primary and secondary schools, colleges, municipal, governmental, and commercial building



In his current practice, Mr. Thesier performs quality control review of Engineering and Architectural designs for a variety of clients. Mr. Thesier has been involved with numerous forensic engineering investigations and assessments ranging from building collapse to contractor claims and disputes. Mr. Thesier's forensic investigations have resulted in the settlement of disputes that range from several thousand dollars to over  $100 million.

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