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“The client’s needs are first and foremost.”


The impact of a project failure is often hard to recognize and accept; Paul G. Carr & Associates understand this. They are accessible to advise clients if there is a problem, and if so how severe the problem really is; and what options are available to mitigate the impact.



“Finding the truth really matters”


Paul G. Carr & Associates have throughout their careers engaged teams of the best experts in their

fields to assist in case evaluation when required. As a Cornell Professor, Paul Carr as well as his Associates 

have immediate access to world renowned Engineers and Architects to consult and advise on critical issues.



“Project and building failure cases are complex”


Paul Carr knows this as an experienced engineer, executive and educator with over 35 years representing the interests of clients.

He and his team provide aid to those in need of the experience, understanding, and advice necessary to effectively engage in the technical issues of construction lawsuits.

As a Board Certified Diplomate of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, Dr. Carr focuses his current practice on failure assessment and prevention on complex public building projects and infrastructure capital programs.


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