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Forensic Engineering &
  Consulting Services   
Design Error & Omissions      Construction Claims      Catastrophic Failures     Building & System Defects

Paul G. Carr & Associates are seasoned, experienced and diverse Professional Engineers,

Building Code Specialists, and Forensic Analysts.  Paul Carr is passionate about forensic engineering and is at ease in the Boardroom, Classroom or Courtroom.  Therefore, Paul G. Carr's team frequently find themselves called upon to work with Project Owners' legal counsel.  


Owners, Contract Executives, or Legal Counsel who have design and construction issues, and need the experience of senior professional engineers and analysts, should contact Paul G. Carr & Associates as early in the case as possible.


Paul G. Carr & Associates prefers cases where they are assured the latitude to undertake thorough investigations.  Comprehensive data collection and the application of experienced reasoning may allow Paul G. Carr & Associates to provide answers to what might appear to be perplexing circumstances.

Answers are easy. The right answers take a little more time and effort.

“About ½ of the practice consists of telling would be clients, that there is no case.” In those instances Paul Carr’s advice can be invaluable in the effective negotiation of an equitable case settlement.

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